Our Philosophy

Who we are

At Empire Football Club, our goal is to identify, develop and produce the talented footballers the U.A.E. has to offer.

By providing the best football experience from an early age, Empire Football Club strives to pursue excellence in a professional and competitive setting whilst also ensuring a fun, friendly atmosphere and a lasting experience at the Club.

We operate across numerous age groups, ranging from the ages of 4 through 14 and guide our players through involvement in some of the most challenging youth leagues the U.A.E. has to offer.

Our Mission

We are a sports coaching academy aimed at building and supporting confident and passionate football players. Encouraging and training young talents to pursue their dreams through fully integrated football programs to help them polish their skills and achieve excellence.

Our Vision

Empire Football Club believes in playing exciting football, inspiring players to take responsibility for their own development, assist in maximizing their potential and to build their character, both on the field and off the field. Our philosophy at Empire Football Club? Learn the beautiful game, enjoy the beautiful game and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Why choose us

We, at Empire Football Club, believe in building a strong foundation for budding football players by teaching them strong values, perseverance and diligence whilst they learn valuable techniques and skills to become ultimate game changers!

Certified coaches

Certified Coaches

Our highly skilled certified coaches are committed to create a safe, positive and nurturing environment to ensure every individual meets their full potential and inculcating them with the value of sportsmanship.

Diverse programs

Diverse Programs

We offer flexible programs to ensure no individual is left behind. We give quality training and supervision the utmost importance.

Certified coaches

Sports Education

Our program focuses on tactical knowledge whilst also ensuring every player comprehends the importance of team spirit, leadership, and dedication.

Moulding children

Moulding Children

Aimed at solely shaping their future in this rewarding sport - we provide the right infrastructure and latest pieces of equipment to ensure consistent, quality training and coaching throughout.

The fundamentals

The Fundamentals

Our classes are designed to improve balance and full body coordination as well as strength and development through sensory stimulation while reinforcing good social and sportsman skills.



Our philosophy is to teach the beautiful game, enjoy the beautiful game and make memories that will last a lifetime.